General references

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Category 01 : Built Environment Objects

Building Components


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Category 02: Furnishings


Floor Coverings


Household Accessories

Lighting Equipment

Temperature Control Equipment

Window & Door Coverings

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Category 03 : Personal Objects



Personal Gear

Toilet Articles

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Category 04 : Tools & Equipment for Materials

Agricultural T&E

Animal Husbandry T&E

Fiberworking T&E

Fishing & Trapping T&E

Food Processing & Preparation T&E

Food Service T&E

Forestry T&E

Glass, Plastics & Clayworking T&E

Leather, Horn & Shellworking T&E

Masonry & Stoneworking T&E

Metalworking T&E

Mining & Mineral Harvesting T&E

Painting T&E

Papermaking T&E

Textileworking T&E

Woodworking T&E

Other T &E for Materials

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Category 05 : Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology

Acoustical T&E


Astronomical T&E

Chemical T&E

Construction T&E

Electrical & Magnetic T&E

Maintenance T&E

Mechanical T&E

Medical & Psychological T&E

Merchandising T&E

Meteorological T&E

Nuclear Physics T&E

Optical T&E

Regulative & Protective T&E

Surveying & Navigational T&E

Timekeeping T&E

Weights & Measures T&E

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Category 06 : Tools & Equipment for Communication

Data Processing T&E

Drafting T&E

Musical T&E

Photographic T&E

Printing T&E

Sound Communication T&E

Telecommunication T&E

Visual Communication T&E

Written Communication T&E

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Category 07 : Distribution & Transportation Objects

Aerospace Transportation T&E

Land Transportation T&E

Rail Transportation Equipment

Water Transportation Equipment

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Category 08 : Communication Objects

Advertising Media


Ceremonial Objects

Documentary Objects

Exchange Media

Personal Symbols

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Category 09 : Recreational Objects

Game Equipment

Public Entertainment Devices

Recreational Devices

Sports Equipment


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Category 10 : Unclassifiable Objects

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