Canadian Term Variants added to Nomenclature website

November 2018

Users can now toggle between International and Canadian term variants. A few Canadian terms already exist in Nomenclature (for example, the English-Canadian spelling of “Armour” and the French-Canadian term “Godendard”), and more will be added in time. Suggestions for Canadian variants can be submitted to the Canadian Task Force for Nomenclature by contacting CHIN.

Other features will be added in future – stay tuned for news!

Launch of “Beta” Version of Nomenclature

September 2018

The Nomenclature Task Force of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) , the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) and Parks Canada have collaborated to produce this new bilingual, illustrated online version of Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging! This website is the most up-to-date version of the Nomenclature standard and includes:

This fully bilingual, illustrated version of Nomenclature allows museums to search for terms or browse through the classification hierarchy in English or French.

The Nomenclature Task Force will continue to develop and maintain the Nomenclature standard in consultation with museums that use it. Updates will be included on a routine basis in the online resource, allowing organizations to stay current with the standard in a more timely fashion.

CHIN plans to release the Nomenclature data as linked open data under an Open Data Commons “Attribution” license in 2020, which will mean that Nomenclature data will be free to download and use at that time.

History of Changes

Caption text
Resource Event
Sun Plane English non-preferred term "topping plane; plane, topping” updated to “topping plane; plane, topping; barrel topper; topper, barrel”.
Barrel Topper Concept deleted.
Woodworking T&E (blank sub-class) Narrower relation to Barrel Topper deleted.
Barrel Topper Broader relation to Woodworking T&E (blank sub-class) deleted.
Half Dime English non-preferred term "half-dime; ten-cent piece; piece, ten-cent” updated to “half-dime”.
Printing Accessories Narrower relation to Glue Pot deleted.
Glue Pot Broader relation to Printing Accessories deleted.
Glue Pot Concept deleted.
Gluepot English non-preferred term "glue pot; pot, glue" added.
Woodworking T&E (blank sub-class) Narrower relation to Gluepot deleted.
Gluepot Broader relation to Woodworking T&E (blank sub-class) deleted.
Multiple Use T&E for Materials (blank sub-class) Narrower relation to Gluepot added.
Gluepot Broader relation to Multiple Use T&E for Materials (blank sub-class) added.
Fiddle Narrower relation to Violoncello deleted.
Violoncello Concept deleted.
Violoncello Broader relation to Fiddle deleted.
Cello English non-preferred term "violoncello" added.
Entrenching Tool English non-preferred term "folding spade; folding spade; spade, folding" updated to "folding spade; spade, folding".
Sou Marqué English preferred term "Sous Marqué" updated to "Sou Marqué".
Multifunction Software English inverted term "Software, Multifunction System” updated to Software, Multifunction". 
Multifunction Software English preferred term "Multifunction System Software" updated to "Multifunction Software".
Porte-Cochère English non-preferred term "carriage porch; porch, carriage” added.
Dime English non-preferred term "ten-cent piece; piece, ten-cent” added.
Bradding Machine English inverted term "Machine, Brading” updated to “Machine, Bradding".
Bradding Machine English preferred term "Brading Machine" updated to "Bradding Machine".
Textile Manufacturing Equipment Narrower relation to Loomweight deleted.
Loom Weight Concept deleted
Loom Weight Broader relation to Textile Manufacturing Equipment deleted.
Anchor English non-preferred term "killik" updated to "killick".
Convection Heater English inverted term "Heater, Convention” updated to “Heater, Convection".
Convection Heater English preferred term "Convention Heater" updated to "Convection Heater".
Groschen English preferred term "Goschen" updated to "Groschen".
Well Bailer English non-preferred term "box, baling" updated to "box, bailing".
Rangely Guideboat English inverted term "Boat, Rangely” updated to “Guideboat, Rangely".
Rangely Guideboat English preferred term "Rangely Boat" updated to "Rangely Guideboat".

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