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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
Babushka Kerchief
Back, Film Photographic Accessories
Back, Focusing Photographic Accessories
Backboard, Basketball Gear, Basketball
Backdrop, Photographic Photographic Accessories
Backdrop, Stage Public Entertainment Devices (blank sub-class)
Backhoe Excavator
Backhoe, Sandbox Device, Playground
Backpack knapsack; rucksack Bag, Carrying
Backpack. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Backplate Body Armor
Backrest Seating Furniture
Backsaw back saw; saw, back Saw, Woodworking
Backsplash Covering, Wall
Backstaff Navigational Equipment
Backstop Structure, Sports
Backsword Sword
Bacterioscope Biological T&E (blank sub-class)
Badge, Campaign Badge, Political
Badge, Cap Badge, Insignia
Badge, Fire Badge, Insignia
Badge, Identification Personal Identification
Badge, Insignia Insignia
Badge, Law Enforcement police badge; badge, police Badge, Insignia
Badge, Membership Badge, Insignia
Badge, Merit merit patch; patch, merit Award
Badge, Military Badge, Insignia
Badge, Mourning Funerary Objects
Badge, Political Symbol, Political
Badger Masonry & Stoneworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Bag sack Containers (blank sub-class)
Bag, Afikomen Holiday Objects
Bag, Armament Container, Armament
Bag, Ballot Container, Ballot
Bag, Bandolier bandolier Bag, Carrying
Bag, Barrack Bag, Carrying
Bag, Bicycle bicycle pannier; pannier, bicycle Carrier, Cargo
Bag, Blueing Laundry Equipment
Bag, Bowling Ball Gear, Bowling
Bag, Buoyancy Water Transportation Accessories
Bag, Carrying Personal Carrying & Storage Gear
Bag, Chatelaine Bag, Carrying
Bag, Clutch Purse
Bag, Collar Bag, Carrying
Bag, Cooking Food Preparation Equipment
Bag, Cosmetic Container, Cosmetic
Bag, Deposit Bag, Money
Bag, Diaper Bag, Carrying
Bag, Ditty sailor’s bag; bag, sailor's Bag, Carrying
Bag, Doctor's Bag, Carrying
Bag, Dry drybag Bag, Carrying

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