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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
Label Writing Media
Label, Address Label, Identification
Label, Decanter bottle label; label, bottle; decanter ticket; ticket, decanter; bottle ticket; ticket, bottle Food Service Accessories
Label, Identification Other Documents
Label, Product Merchandising T&E (blank sub-class)
Label, Shipping Label, Identification
Labret button labret; ; labret, button; disk labret; labret, disk; lip plug; plug, lip Jewelry
Labret. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Labware Chemical T&E
Lace Trim, Textile
Lace, Corset Clothing Accessories
Lactobutyrometer Tester, Milk
Lactometer Tester, Milk
Ladder Other Household Accessories
Ladder, Fire Device, Fire Protection
Ladder, Horizontal Climber
Ladder, Jacob's Ladder, Watercraft
Ladder, Orchard fruit picking ladder; ladder, fruit picking Harvesting Equipment
Ladder, Rope flipper-flopper; Jacob's ladder; flipper-flopper; ladder, Jacob's Device, Playground
Ladder, Ship's Ladder, Watercraft
Ladder, Watercraft Water Transportation Accessories
Ladle, Apothecary Tool, Pharmaceutical
Ladle, Cinder Ladle, Foundry
Ladle, Cream Ladle, Serving
Ladle, Foundry Metalworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Ladle, Gravy Ladle, Serving
Ladle, Hot Metal Ladle, Foundry
Ladle, Hot Shot Armament Accessories
Ladle, Kitchen Tool, Food Handling
Ladle, Kitchen. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Ladle, Mayonnaise Ladle, Serving
Ladle, Melting Glass, Plastics & Clayworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Ladle, Punch Ladle, Serving
Ladle, Sauce Ladle, Serving
Ladle, Serving Serving Utensils
Ladle, Shipwright's Caulking Woodworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Ladle, Slag Ladle, Foundry
Ladle, Soup Ladle, Serving
Ladle, Toddy Ladle, Serving
Ladle, Wax Ladle, Melting
Ladle, Wok Ladle, Kitchen
Lagging Mechanical Devices
Lambrequin mantel cloth; shelf valance; cloth, mantel; valance, shelf Furniture Coverings
Laminator Writing Accessories
Lamp lamplet Lighting Devices
Lamp, Aircraft Component, Aircraft
Lamp, Alarm Lamp, Signal
Lamp, Aldis Lamp, Signal
Lamp, Anchor Lamp, Watercraft
Lamp, Argand Lamp, Oil
Lamp, Astral Lamp, Oil
Lamp, Banquet Lamp, Kerosene

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