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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
Oakum Sealant
Oar Water Transportation Accessories
Oar, Sculling Oar
Oar, Steering Oar
Oar, Sweep sweep Oar
Oarlock rowlock Component, Watercraft
Oath Testimony
Oban Coin
Obelisk Monument
Obi Sash
Obituary Announcement
Object, Devotional Symbol, Spiritual
Object, Divination Religious Objects
Object, Unidentified unidentified artifact; artifact, unidentified Unclassifiable Objects (blank sub-class)
Oboe hautboy Instrument, Woodwind
Oboe. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Oboe d'Amore Oboe
Observatory, Orbiting Solar Satellite
Ocarina Flute
Occluder, Eye Instrument, Eye
Octant Navigational Equipment
Octavin Instrument, Woodwind
Odometer Weights & Measures T&E (blank sub-class)
Odontograph Instrument, Drafting
Oenometer Tester, Alcohol
Office, Post Building, Public
Office, Railway Post Car, Passenger
Office, Telegraph Structure, Utility
Ohmeter Instrument, Electrical
Oilcan Metalworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Oiler Vessel, Naval
Oiler, Hog Animal Care Equipment
Oilskin Protective Wear
Oilstone Whetstone
Ojime Personal Carrying & Storage Gear
Oleometer Hydrometer
Ombrometer rain gauge; gauge, rain Gauge, Precipitation
Omnibus Animal-Powered Vehicles
Omnigraph Device, Morse Code Instruction
Omnimeter Theodolite
Oncometer Instrument, Diagnostic
Opacimeter Tester, Paper
Opeidoscope Acoustical T&E (blank sub-class)
Opener, Bottle church key; key, church Opener, Food Container
Opener, Bottle. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Opener, Can Opener, Food Container
Opener, Can. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Opener, Electric Can Opener, Can
Opener, Food Container Food Preparation Equipment
Opener, Garage Door Element, Door
Opener, Jar Opener, Food Container
Opener, Lead Glass, Plastics & Clayworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Opener, Letter paper knife; knife, paper Writing Accessories

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