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Pac Boot
Pacemaker Instrument, Therapeutic
Pachymeter Instrument, Eye
Pacifier Personal Assistive Objects
Pack Containers (blank sub-class)
Pack, Fanny belt pack; pack, belt Bag, Carrying
Package, Product Merchandising T&E (blank sub-class)
Packer, Barrel bran packer; feed packer; flour packer; packer, bran; packer, feed; packer, flour Tool, Food Packaging
Packer, Butter Tool, Dairy
Packer, Cigar Tool, Cigar Making
Packet Containers (blank sub-class)
Packet, Seed seed envelope; envelope, seed Container, Seed
Pad, Animal Tack, Animal
Pad, Buckle Pad, Animal
Pad, Bunion Personal Assistive Objects
Pad, Bustle Garment, Foundation
Pad, Carpet Floor Coverings (blank sub-class)
Pad, Chair Cushion
Pad, Collar Pad, Animal
Pad, Desk desk blotter holder; holder, desk blotter Writing Accessories
Pad, Flip Chart Notepad
Pad, Furniture Other Household Accessories
Pad, Garment Shoulder shoulder pad; pad, shoulder Garment, Foundation
Pad, Heating Warmer, Body
Pad, Hip Protector, Body
Pad, Horse Knee horse kneecap; kneecap, horse Pad, Animal
Pad, Horseshoe Farrier Equipment
Pad, Hot Trivet
Pad, Knee Protective Wear
Pad, Leg Protector, Body
Pad, Legal Notepad
Pad, Mouse Data Processing Accessories
Pad, Nursing Clothing Accessories
Pad, Paint Painting T&E (blank sub-class)
Pad, Rib Protector, Body
Pad, Saddle Pad, Animal
Pad, Scouring soap pad; pad, soap Dishwashing Equipment
Pad, Shoulder Protector, Body
Pad, Stove stove mat; mat, stove Floor Coverings (blank sub-class)
Pad, Table Linen, Table
Pad, Training pee pad; pad, pee; potty pad; pad, potty; puppy pad; pad, puppy Pet Supplies
Pad, Withers Pad, Animal
Paddle Device, Punishment
Paddle, Angle Tool, Plastering
Paddle, Apple Butter Paddle, Food
Paddle, Boat Water Transportation Accessories
Paddle, Butter butter-working spade; spade, butter-working Tool, Dairy
Paddle, Canoe Paddle, Boat
Paddle, Croupier’s Device, Gambling
Paddle, Double-Bladed Paddle, Boat

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