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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
Udometer Gauge, Precipitation
Ukelin Instrument, Stringed
Ukulele Guitar
Ulu Knife
Umbrella Personal Assistive Objects
Umiak oomiak Boat, Skin
Unclassifiable Objects (blank Class) Category 10: Unclassifiable Objects
Unclassifiable Objects (blank sub-class) Unclassifiable Objects (blank Class)
Underbodice Underwear
Undercurrent Mining & Mineral Harvesting T&E (blank sub-class)
Undercurtain Curtain, Window
Underdress Underwear
Underpants Underwear
Underpants, Bikini Underpants
Underpants, Long Underpants
Underpants, Maternity Underpants
Underpants, Protective Underpants
Undershirt undervest; vest Underwear
Undershirt. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Underskirt Underwear
Undersleeve Sleeve
Underwear Clothing
Underwear, Long long johns; johns, long Underwear
Underwear, Thong thong Underwear
Unicycle Cycle
Uniface Material, Worked
Uniform Status Symbols
Uniform, Fire Uniform
Uniform, Law Enforcement Uniform
Uniform, Military Uniform
Uniform, Military Dress Uniform, Military
Uniform, Occupational Uniform
Uniform, Organizational Uniform
Uniform, Sports Uniform
Unit, Air Handling Environmental Control Elements
Unit, Audio Response Device, Output
Unit, Baseboard baseboard heater; heater, baseboard Environmental Control Elements
Unit, Denture Curing Dental Accessories
Unit, Gondola Shelving Fixture, Store Display
Unit, Hydrostatic Release Component, Watercraft
Unit, Peripheral Control Peripherals
Unit, Prophylaxis Dental Accessories
Unit, Shelving Storage & Display Furniture
Unitard Garment, Combination
Upsetter, Tire tire shrinker; shrinker, tire Metalworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Ureometer Instrument, Urological
Urethroscope cystoscope Instrument, Urological
Urethrotome Instrument, Urological
Uricometer Instrument, Urological
Urinal Fixture, Plumbing
Urinal, Portable Receptacle, Human Waste
Urinal, Portable. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects

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