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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
Wad, Gun Ammunition
Wafer Seal
Wagon Animal-Powered Vehicles
Wagon, Baggage Wagon
Wagon, Battery Wagon
Wagon, Chemical Wagon
Wagon, Child's Toy, Riding
Wagon, Circus Wagon
Wagon, Conestoga Wagon, Covered
Wagon, Covered Wagon
Wagon, Delivery Wagon
Wagon, Farm Wagon
Wagon, Feeder diet feeder; feeder, diet Feed Processing Equipment
Wagon, Fire fire apparatus; apparatus, fire Wagon
Wagon, Hay Wagon, Farm
Wagon, Hook and Ladder Wagon, Fire
Wagon, Hose Wagon, Fire
Wagon, Ice Wagon
Wagon, Log Wagon
Wagon, Market Wagon
Wagon, Mortar Wagon
Wagon, Mountain Wagon
Wagon, Patrol paddy wagon; wagon, paddy Wagon
Wagon, Peddler's Wagon
Wagon, Sheep Wagon
Wagon, Station Automobile
Wagon, Thoroughbrace Wagon
Wagon, Tray Wagon
Wainscoting Covering, Wall
Waist, Corset Underwear
Waistband Clothing Accessories
Waistcoat Main Garments
Walk, Widow's Roof Elements
Walker Personal Assistive Objects
Walker. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Walker, Baby Walker
Walker, Invalid Walker
Walkie-Talkie Radiophone
Wall Supporting Elements
Wall, Boundary Barrier, Site
Wall, Climbing Device, Playground
Wall, Defensive Defense Structures
Wall, Modular Screen
Wallet billfold; money pouch; pouch, money Case, Personal
Wallet. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Wallpaper Covering, Wall
Wampum Bead, Trade
Wanagan Other Structures
Wand, Bubble Toy, Bubble
Wand, Hair Removal Remover, Hair
Wand, Magic Prop, Magician's
Wardrobe garde robe Storage & Display Furniture
Wardrobe. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects

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